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For Sale Technology Video Games & Consoles Games Minecraft Comes Alive Mod - Latest Version September 2014

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod - Latest Version September 2014 Featured Hot
Written by Super User     September 13, 2014    
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To frustrated parents of frustrated children, if your child has been asking you to help them install Minecraft Comes Alive and you have realised that this is only possible if by chance you happene to have the right combination of programmes installed, this is what you need to do to make it work:

0. Check to see what version of Minecraft your child has installed. If it's 1.7.10 you can ignore the first few steps. Assuming however, that it is not:

How to Uninstall Minecraft

1. Delete the old version of Minecraft. In case your child already has something customised that you are concerned that they do not lose, it is recommended that you keep a copy of their old installation locally. To 'uninstall' (or rather, delete) Minecraft, go to Start > Run and type '%appdata%' (exclusing inverted commas) and press enter.

2. Find the file called '.minecraft' and cut this from its present location in AppData and paste it into another location where you'll remember where to find it if everything goes wrong or your child complains.

Which Version of Minecraft Do I Need for MCA Mod?

3. Now you'll need to install the 'correct' version of Minecraft, 1.7.10. To do this click, jump on a plane and fly to a country such as Bulgaria - for a cheap weekend away - where it is not illegal to download files hosted on this page. Once it downloads, save it somewhere obvious and run it. Once it loads you'll need to ask your child to login with their Mojang-registered email address. It is essential that the installation runs at least once, or the Forge installation (mentioned below) won't run. It's simplest to pretend you are going to play the game and then terminate it once you've got a character running around on the screen.

4. Download Forge here (3MB). If it's moved search Google for 'forge-1.7.10-'

5. Download Radix Core here (90KB). If it's moved search Google for 'RadixCore-1.3.1'

6. Download the MCA zip file here (4MB). If it's moved search Google for 'MCA-4.1.2'

7. Follow the instructions in this video.

Now you should be good to go with Minecraft Comes Alive.


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The reason this is so difficult to obtain is that no-one makes any money out of it

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Requires Minecraft 1.7.10 (won't work with 1.8)
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